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About Us

ebony and green. owner, about us


Hi! My name is Danielle but I also go by Ebony. She's my super creative and amazing alter ego. I am a full blown Capricorn who loves all things productivity but I also love a good crafting session. 

Ebony and Green was born out of my desire to demystify crystals and provide an easy way to incorporate them into daily living. I started handcrafting what I call Good Juju Jewelry, which is powered by the healing magic of crystals. 

I also honor my African Heritage in my art so you'll see lots of nods and symbolism to the Motherland. 

I primarily work with clay and brass but you may see the occasional wire wrapped or soldered piece. 

I am a one woman show and proud of it but my incredible husband helps out with shipping and my 3 children send their positive energy out with the packages. 

Thank you for you support and don't be a stranger.

Much love Family,