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Crystal Meanings

Amazonite- Hope, Tranquility, Anxiety Relief, Toxic Energy Release, Expression

Amethyst- Peace, Love, Passion, Creativity, Intuition, Happiness, Spiritual Connection

Angelite- Spiritual Connection, Effective Communication, Serenity, Meditation

Apatite- Motivation, Inspiration, Creativity, Passion, Manifestation, Optimism

Aventurine (Green)- Creativity, Confidence, Hope, Abundance, Wellness

Azurite- Discernment, Fresh Ideas, Learning, Psychic Awareness, Inner Vision

Calcite (Blue)- Creative Expression, Clear Communication, Personal Growth, Positivity

Calcite (Clear)- Purification, Amplification, Negative energy blocker

Calcite (green)- Good Habit Formation, Mental Balance, Growth, Perspective

Calcite (Orange)-Healing, Balance, Creative Energy, Passion, Positive Outlook

Carnelian- Confidence, True Expression, Creativity, Passion, Fiery Spirit

Citrine- Clarity, Focus, Inspiration, Abundance, Optimism

Fluorite- Peace, Calm, Bliss, Focus, Grounding, Balance

Garnet- guidance, Emotional Wellness, Energy Clearing, Courage, Protection

Hematite- Energizing, Grounding, Cleansing, Focus, Clarity, Stability

Jasper (Dalmatian)- Playfulness, Spontaneity, Joy, Cooperation, Resolve, Safe Sleep

Jasper (Leopard skin)- Grounding, Protection, spiritual Discovery 

Jasper (Mookaite)- Positive Energy, Courage, Grounding, Adventure

Jasper (Kambaba)- Inner Peace, Tranquility, Social Confidence, Meditation, Aid, Clarity

Kyanite (Blue)- Connection, Open Communication, Healing Energy, Psychic Attunement

Labradorite- Inner Awareness, Chakra Healing, Empath Protection, Transformation

Lapis Lazuli- Wisdom, Awareness, Truth, Insight, Purpose, Awakening, Communication, Destiny

Lepidolite- Peace, Calming Energy, Sleep, Wisdom, Understanding

Moonstone (Black)- Meditation, Spiritual Grounding, Protection, Creativity

Moonstone( Rainbow)- Good Fortune, Protection, Mental Clarity, Enthusiasm

Morganite- Divine Love, Compassion, Hope, Inspiration, Healing, Abundance

Obsidian (Gold Sheen)- Self Awareness, Personal Growth, Protection, Grounding

Peridot- Optimism, Peace of Mind, Spiritual Renewal, Abundance

Quartz (Blue)- Creative Expression, Communication, Calm, Extroversion

Quartz (Clear)- Illumination, Clarity, Manifestation, Amplification, Positive Energy, Spiritual Growth

Quartz (Rose)- Love, Happiness, Harmony, Compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding

Quartz (Smoky)- Courage, Cleansing, Meditation, Grounding, Manifestation, Calm

Quartz (Tourmalinated)- Higher Consciousness, Negative Energy Clearing

Serpentine- Protection, Healing Energy, Luck, Intuition, Initiative, Inner Strength

Sodalite- Strength, Energy, Connection to Higher Self, Enlightenment, Confidence

Sunstone- Vitality, Stress Relief, Energy Clearing, Sensuality, Creativity, Power

Tiger's Eye- Physical Wellness, Protection, Balance, Mindfulness, Happiness

Tourmaline (Black)- Protection, Negative Energy Release, Grounding, Cleansing

Unakite- Clarity, Emotional Healing, Compassion, New Habit Formation, Transformation